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Planning The Magic - A Disney Vacation Planning Podcast

Jake & Alma

Welcome to "Planning the Magic" with your hosts Jake and Alma, your ultimate destination for all things Disney vacations! Immerse yourself in a world of magic, wonder, and adventure as we explore the enchanting realms of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, Adventures by Disney, and beyond.

At "Planning the Magic," Jake and Alma are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences and sharing their expertise to help you plan the perfect Disney vacation. Whether you're a seasoned Disney enthusiast or a first-time visitor, their goal is to be your trusted companions throughout your journey, providing valuable insights, insider tips, and in-depth discussions on all aspects of Disney vacations.

Join Jake and Alma as they delve into the intricate details of each Disney destination, uncover hidden gems, reveal dining secrets, and highlight must-see attractions. From practical advice on accommodations and ticket options to insider strategies for park-hopping and making the most of your time, they leave no magical stone unturned.

But "Planning the Magic" is more than just vacation planning. It's a community of passionate Disney enthusiasts, where you can connect, engage, and share your love for all things Disney. Jake and Alma invite you to join the conversation, submit your questions, and share your own magical experiences with them. Together, let's celebrate the joy, wonder, and enchantment of Disney vacations.

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Welcome to "Planning the Magic" with Jake and Alma, where the magic of Disney vacations comes to life!